WildKids – Weekly Forest School

Natureweavers is the longest running and award-winning forest school on the Sunshine Coast. Led by Carly Garner, a pioneer in Australian nature pedagogy and environmental education.

WildKids is our weekly ‘earth school’ program for children aged 2-12 years.

WildKids spend their whole day outside, exploring our specially selected wildspace in Black Mountain – a perfect balance of grassy backyard, diverse forest, peaceful waterholes and abundant wildlife.

WildKids will come to know this local land deeply, developing connections, experiential understanding and bushcraft skills as well as experiencing the simple freedom of unstructured, extended periods of time playing in nature.

A gentle rhythm guides our day, but the specifics are child-led, interest-based, experiential and seasonal. Children are mentored into nature with knowledge, with respect and with love – of children and of earth.

When: Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday (come 1, 2 or all 3 days)

Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain

Who: Children aged 2 – 12 years old

Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm

Cost: $65 per day

Term 1: January 30 – March 29

Term 2: April 17 – June 21

Term 3: July 17 – September 20

Term 4: October 9 – December 13

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WildPlay – Weekly Bush Playgroup

We love it!

You love it!

Earth loves it!

So, let’s do it weekly!

We are very excited to again be sharing a program of exploring, connecting, collaborating and learning with young children and their families at the wondrous wildspace of the Whipbird Village at the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens.

A gentle rhythm and seasonal focus guides our sessions, but the content is child-led, emergent and play-based. As well as free and unstructured play for the children in wildspace – climbing trees, building cubbies, exploring the creek, searching for bugs and fungi, ephemeral art – time will be made for nurturing mamas/papas/carers through handwork, meditation, yoga, weaving and bushcraft. This playgroup is as nourishing for you as it is for your children!

We will gather in the beloved Maroochy Bushland Gardens to explore the elements of earth (autumn) and fire (winter).

When: Wednesdays

Where: Whipbird Village, Maroochy Bushland Gardens, Tanawha

Who: children aged 0 – 6 with their parents/carers

Time: 9.30am – 11.30am

Cost: $15 per child or $30 per family (2 or more children)

Winterfire – Winter Solstice Celebration

Now in it’s 6th year, our Winter Solstice Celebration is Natureweavers most popular annual gathering for children and families!

Celebrate the return of the light with a special session exploring the element of fire. The Winter Solstice fire, lit by the children attending, opens the WinterFire season at Natureweavers – a consistent and deep exploration of the element of fire, and all the peace and power within it.

Children attending he Winter Solstice Celebration will learn the bushcrafting skills of how to build, start, tend and use primitive fire and how to utilise different builds and structures for different purposes.

As we learn the secrets of the heart of the fire, so too will our hearts be warmed.

This is a hands-on workshop designed to build the capacity of children to craft fire with safety, awareness and skill, and to assist them to identify risk and strategies for managing it. It is also a celebration to mark the Winter Solstice – the darkest night of the year – and welcome the returning light into our lives.

We celebrate with seasonal song and story, will sculpt a personal talisman and ‘fire’ it in a homemade kiln, experience the slow art of whittling, go foraging amongst the winter forest and share our infamous family feasting circle as the sun goes down and the fire warms up.

When: Saturday June 23

Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain

Who: children aged 7 years and over

Time: 12.00pm-6.00pm

WildKids Holiday Program – Seasonal Forest School

Seasonal holiday programs for children aged 2 – 12 years.

Where: Natureweavers, and various locations throughout the Sunshine Coast

Who: children aged 2 – 12 time: 9am – 3pm daily

Cost: $75 per child per day

Autumn: Tuesday 3 April – Friday 6 April

Winter: Monday 2 July – Friday 6 July

Spring: Monday 1 October – Friday 5 October

Summer: Monday 17 December – Thursday 20 December

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