Bushcraft Skills Intensive


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Thursday 3 – 24 February or Friday 4 – 25 February, 2022

Our Primitive Skills Intensives empower children to learn a new bushcraft skill each season. Summer is EARTH ARTS!


4 weeks
4 sessions
4 new skills
4 real


These are hands-on sessions designed to build the capacity of children engage in arts and creativity inspired and informed by nature. Children will explore:
– ink, pigment and paint making & markmaking tools
– ecodyeing on fabric and paper
– baskets from the garden (harvesting, preparing and weaving with natural fibres)                               – recycled paper making

This series will equip children with earth arts skills through a Natureweavers lens – honoring the peace and the power of nature, and the beauty and function of natural elements.


Sessions are Thursdays or Fridays, weekly, for 4 weeks.


Participants attend either Thursday or Friday for the 4 week intensive. Cost is for the full program, and participants will make a recycled paper notebook; various pigments & inks, and markmaking tools to use them; an ecodyed garland; and a basket woven of natural fibres.


Natureweavers are honored to be mentoring this program for ‘middle childhood’. This period of childhood – between 5-12 years – sees the ongoing development of self, as unique and separate, alongside the development of an increasing connection to nature – this duality is fertile ground where the seed for lifelong earth stewardship behaviour can be planted. It is a crucial stage of childhood development from an earth sustainability perspective and we are compelled to mentor children of this age at this time with content that we know – practically and intuitively – and love.




Days: Thursdays or Fridays
Dates: 3 February – 25 February, 2022
Time: 9am – 2pm
Where: Natureweavers in Black Mountain (Noosa hinterland)

Cost: $280 per child
Who: suitable for children age 7-16

Bookings are open now and places are limited.

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