Summer Holiday Program


Summer, you glorious thing! A time of warmth, energy and light. We celebrate the Summer Solstice, the ‘long’ school holiday, and a new calendar year. The Natureweavers Summer Program offers children and families opportunities to create and share with one another and our broader community, to start their year with intention, and to harness the light of summer for a peaceful and powerful summer holiday.

The December program is for Christmas gifting and decorating, while the January program is a carefully curated set of skills designed to empower your children to start their year centred, connected and calm, held by the power of a friendship with their natural world.

As part of the summer program, Natureweavers is hosting a series of 2-day camps to enable children to go deeper, learn more and acquire skills in herbal wisdom, bushcraft, seasonal rhythms and wilderness awareness. At Natureweavers, we consider these life skills and we are thrilled to have the time, space and expertise to be able to share these with children.

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Summer Camps – January 2020

Whittlers Guild: The Whole Tree
Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 January 2020

9am – 2pm both days; non-residential camp; suitable for children aged 7+ years

Our Summer Whittlers Guild session will see us learn how to honorably harvest whittling wood from the forest and then honor The Whole Tree. We shall carve the wood, bushcraft a chair, make string from the bark, whittle a toggle, make a Creature of the Wood, tie a swing from the branches, and make a wish upon the leaves. We’ll gather the shavings for tinder, ecodye with the leaves and bark, and consider all the ways we can honor the trees we harvest for our bushcrafting.

A unique 2-day session for children, with parents welcome (to learn as well!). Suitable for children aged 7+ Children aged under 9 years MUST have a parent attending.

Cost is for the 2 day program. Discounts for current Natureweavers and Whittlers Guild members. Includes all materials and instruction, and a Bahco Mora knife to take home. 

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Summer Camp – Wild Apprentice
Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January 2020

9am – 2pm both days; non-residential camp; suitable for children aged 4+

Wild Apprentices speak to the flowers, for the butterflies and with the trees. Their pockets are filled with seeds, leaves and pods; their bag with water, paints, a flower press and the beginning of a materia medica – a book of plant wisdom that they will grow for life. They come to understand the tiny weeds and the towering trees and the healing properties of plants, weeds, herbs and flowers. They will fetch you a bush bandaid when you scrape your knee, a salve for your headache, make you a tea brew that is just for you, and formulate spells for clarity, for bravery, for joy. We invite you to join the Wild Apprentices to learn and share in this wisdom.

Learn the art and science of wildcrafting; identify the food and medicine that is growing in your backyard; meet your summer plant ally; begin a Materia Medica; sew a foraging pouch and fill it with the seeds of summer; make a herbal infusion, a flower essence and a herbal salve; and begin your herbal healing adventure with the support of a community of people and plants.

This will be the first seasonal gathering of Wild Apprentices for the year. The intention is for this community of Natureweavers children and families to gather together regularly to grow our wildcrafting knowledge.

Cost is for the 2 day program. Discounts for current Natureweavers. Includes all materials and instruction, wildcrafted salves, balms, oils and essences made and to-be-made, seeds and seedlings, and a journal for their Materia Medica.

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Summer Camp – Wheel Keepers
Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22 January 2020

9am – 2 pm both days; non-residential camp; suitable for children aged 3+

Wheel Keepers are deep observers. They observe the life cycles and habits of plants and animals as they respond to the seasons, weather and climate and capture these happenings in a circular journal – a Phenology Wheel. Single observations of what is happening in the lives of plants and animals made over time begin to tell a compelling story – your story – about the place on our living planet that you call home.

Wheel Keepers are the custodians of the story of their land and the storytellers within their community, honoring sacred traditions and ancestral wisdom. They see and record the unfolding of a seed in the vegetable garden, the smell of the first blossom in the forest, the first flight of the fledgling. Through this observation they come to understand and appreciate the cyclical nature of change, growth, patterns and relationships and can actively participate in this cycle in their own ways.

Wheel Keepers are gently inspired to embrace change through an experiential understanding of ever-changing qualities of nature, and can guide this change in those around them.

In this 2-day program, children will create a Phenology Wheel for the year; create a wooden seasonal calendar; learn the art of the ‘Sit Spot’ – a place to visit, outside, many times, throughout the year, in all weather and all states of mind; learn wilderness awareness practices of deep observation; and have a toolkit for an ongoing relationship with the natural rhythms of life throughout the year. Children will understand the Circle of the Year – the wondrous dance between seasons and moons, animals and plants, humans and nature.

This program is a powerful way to start your child’s year – with a foundation for navigating change, growth and development to support them at school, at home, in life.

Cost is for the 2 day program. Discounts for current Natureweavers. Includes all materials and instruction, and their handmade seasonal calendar made of locally sourced wood.

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Summer Holiday Program – January 2020

Animal Dreaming
Thursday 23 January 2020

9am – 2pm; suitable for children aged 3+; parents welcome to stay

Children feel an inherent empathy with animals, both domestic and wild. Some animals spark joy and compassion, others inspire fear and avoidance. Yet others may ignite wisdom, stealth or just straight up awe and wonder. Just as traditional cultures identify with certain totem animals or animal spirits, children often identify themselves with a certain animal; at times, becoming that animal.

This workshop works with this natural tendency, as we explore the qualities of our favorite animals, domestic and wild, and how they can inspire us throughout our lives.

Through individual enquiry and shared story, we will identify animals that inspire us to be brave, compassionate and wise, to be curious and creative, to live joyfully and to contribute to a healthy community.

Children will identify these animals for themselves, make marks on stone to represent the qualities they inspire, then sew a small bag in which to carry their ‘animal stones’ close.

These animal stones can be called upon when a child needs more of something, less of another thing, is feeling stuck or unable to see a way through a challenge, or needs guidance from their animals friends in some way. They can be a potent tool for nurturing our children to grow those qualities within themselves – bravery, courage, love, joy, creativity, connection.

This program is a powerful way to start your child’s year – with a tribe of animal friends supporting them at school, at home, in life.

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Nature Weavers
Friday 24 January 2020

9am – 2pm; suitable for children aged 2+; parents welcome to stay

Gather around the mat, beneath the shade of the Natureweavers forest and be guided to weave a basket made of nature.

In this session we shall identify and harvest natural materials for fibre and weaving from our land (both plant and otherwise), learn how to prepare them for handwork, and then create a functional and beautiful basket with needle and thread, tea and biscuits, time and space. Children will be gently guided to make their own Summer Sun Weaving and Summer Wishes, leaving parents to deeply immerse themselves into the peace and power of weaving with nature.

This session was such a wonderful way to finish our Spring Holiday Program, with mamas weaving and children felting and all of us coming into and out of one anothers space as we needed throughout the course of the day. Mamas were grateful to learn a new skill and actually finish, knowing that their children were also engaged and expressing their creativity. I feel this session may well become a new Natureweavers tradition.

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Summer Holiday Program – December 2019

Decorate with Nature

Tuesday 17 December

10am – 12pm; for children aged 2+; Parents welcome to stay

We shall gather to make seasonal decorations from nature. Stars of elderberry, angels of jacaranda and tree hangings of eucalyptus. Be inspired by nature and then cut, whittle, weave, paint and draw, turning nature’s abundance into beautiful earth-friendly decorations for your home this season.

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Natural Gifts

Thursday 19 December

10am – 12pm; for children aged 2+; Parents welcome to stay

We turn our hands to gifts for others (and perhaps for ourselves!) – flower seed bombs, botanical bath brew, lemon hand scrub and a herb filled dream pillow. We’ll also offer up gifts for the earth – a butterfly feeder, a bee hotel, a bird food wreath, a self-watering seedling. Handmade gifts are the best!

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