Natureweavers seasonal holiday programs are infamous throughout SE Queensland. Allow your children to re-wild on their holidays, experiencing the simple freedom of playing and learning in, with and from nature.

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Monday 13 December – Friday 17 December 2021

Wednesday 12 January – Friday 14 January 2022

Wednesday 19 January – Friday 21 January 2022


Including our much loved

Whittlers Guild


Wild Apprentices

This summer, give your children the ultimate gift of nature at the Natureweavers Summer Holiday Program.

Natureweavers is an award winning forest school on the Sunshine Coast, and we welcome all children aged 3-16 years to come and experience our forest school during the holidays. Children will play and learn in wildspace, in tune with the natural rhythm of the season, the day and themselves.

Natureweavers programs are inspired by seasonal ecologies – the elemental associations of the season. Summer is WATER, SHADE and COOL. We shall explore the wonders of water; the power of solar; and the solace of shade. Children will learn how to harvest and utilise water in the landscape; water-based herbal medicine; microclimate gardening; wilderness awareness techniques for keeping cool; water-based earth arts including ink making and wet felting; boat making & water play; and summer solstice celebrations.

The Whittlers Guild shall also gather at Natureweavers for Summer. These sessions are for new and experienced whittlers. The Whittlers Guild sessions are for children aged 8+ only.

The Wild Apprentices shall also come together for their Summer Gathering – there is much to be harvested and prepared in the wild garden in summer! Wild Apprentices are those who would like to know more about wild foraging, plant energies and medicine making. The Wild Apprentices is for children aged 6+ only.

We welcome Natureweavers, new and old, to the Summer Holiday Program.  



Daily program: Monday 13 December – Friday 21 January 9.30am – 12.30pm daily; For children aged 3-16

Wild Apprentices: Tuesday 14 December 1.00pm – 3.00pm; for children aged 6+ only

Whittlers Guild: Wednesday 15 December 1.00pm – 3.00pm; for children aged 8+ only

Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain
Cost: $45 per session

Numbers are strictly limited.

This is a child-only program, parents do not need to stay (but are, of course, welcome to do so!)

Weekly Earth School

Sacred & Seasonal


Natureweavers Weekly Earth School is for children aged 3-16 years. We gather Tuesdays – Fridays during term time.  Children learn bushcraft skills, permaculture design, herbal medicine, earth arts, indigenous wisdoms and enjoy the simple pleasure of learning in, with and from nature.

Natureweavers Sacred and Seasonal sessions are for people aged 14+ years. Seasonal gatherings offer us an opportunity to tune in to the sacred rhythm of the earth and be provided with practices to inspire a deeper connection to nature.

“They LOVED spending the day with you, Carly. They always do. Charlie really appreciates how much you trust them to use the knives, etc. It means a lot to him. And how you value and acknowledge their opinions. The boys really do love coming to your workshops. You are true gift to the world and we appreciate all that you do.”

Karen Smith