The Journeystick Project


Online content to inspire and inform as you learn in, with and from nature.

The Journeystick Project is a guide to making your own Journeystick – a walking stick, indeed, but also a  personal representation of the space and time in which it is made, a potent talisman to guide you upon your journeys, and the fundamental basis of an ongoing exploration into nature based play and learning.

This guide empowers you with bushcraft skills, wilderness awareness practices and responsible foraging considerations when choosing, making and utilising your Journeystick, then guides you on uses, extensions and further explorations with your Journeystick. It includes poetry, yoga and wisdom to gently mentor children into nature.

It is relevant for all ages and all environments and is ready to go as soon as you step outside your door.



The Journeystick Project is a online guide to learning in, with and from nature. Content is suitable for all ages, all abilities and all environments.

Written by Carly Garner, with original illustrations by Alice Douglas

Downloadable file for printing or use on your device.

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