Wisdom Cards : : Wildcrafting Guide


What The Natureweaver Knows.

A wisdom series designed to inspire and inform.

These Guide to Wildcrafting Cards shall accompany you on your wanderings. Call on them prior to, during and after your wildcrafting adventures to equip you with the skills, remind you of the attitudes and focus on the practice of foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants in your region.

Designed as an introductory guide, these Wisdom Cards define what wildcrafting is, why it’s so awesome and how to do it responsibly. They include suggestions for gear to use, how and when to harvest, and what to do with your foraged plants.

These cards share the Wisdom of the Natureweavers – knowledge we use daily in our earth school explorations. Cards are aimed at all ages, from the youngest Natureweavers, to the elders in our community.

Urban or wildspaces; forests and oceansides; backyards and fields; these cards can be printed and stored in your pocket and carried along on your next adventure, or kept as a downloadable file on the device in your pocket.



What the Natureweaver Knows – Wildcrafting Guide
Downloadable file for printing.

Content is inspired by wildcrafting, herbal wisdom, honorable harvest and responsible foraging.

This content is for personal use only.


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