Homeschool Earth Science Series


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Monday 11 October – Monday 1 November 2021

Explore the art and science of Botany within the gardens and forests of Natureweavers Earth School.

This 4 week homeschool class is designed for children aged 8+ years who would like to learn more about the plant kingdom through direct, hands-on experience and scientific exploration with an artistic flair.

This course is designed as an introduction to Botany, and includes:
Week 1: Classification and identification
Week 2: Wildcrafting and bush tucker
Week 3: Permaculture plant guilds, and
Week 4: Uses of plants for fibre, food and forest.

As well as learning scientific terms and classifications (e.g. plant families and how to identify them), participants will also learn about how plants work best in communities; how to plant a tree/seed/seedling; the elemental associations of plant growth; how to identify and utilise wild weeds for food and medicine and shall choose a local Plant Ally to inspire further learning and discovery beyond the course.

All sessions are designed and delivered by Carly Garner, Lead mentor at Natureweavers Earth School. Carly is a qualified permie, highly experienced nature pedagogue and just a few more subjects away from her Masters in Botany.

All sessions will be at Natureweavers Earth School in the Noosa Hinterland on Mondays from 9am-11am commencing Monday 11 October through to Monday 1 November. Cost is $200 per child for the 4 week course, including all materials. Discounts are available for single parent families (25%), siblings (10% for first, 25% for second, 50% for third+) and indigenous families (75%). Energy exchange in lieu of cash payment is also available. Please contact Carly directly to discuss these options.

Natureweavers are honored to be mentoring these homeschool programs for ‘middle childhood’. This period of childhood – between 5-12 years – sees the ongoing development of self, as unique and separate, alongside the development of an increasing connection to nature – this duality is fertile ground where the seed for lifelong earth stewardship behaviour can be planted. It is a crucial stage of childhood development from an earth sustainability perspective and we are compelled to mentor children of this age at this time with content that we know – practically and intuitively – and love.


Days: Mondays
Dates: 11 October – 1 November
Time: 9am – 11am
Where: Natureweavers in Black Mountain (Noosa hinterland)

Cost: $200 per child
Who: suitable for children age 8+

Bookings are open now and places are limited.

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