Spring Holiday Program


Next program: Monday 18 September – Friday 22 September

Bushcraft, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Eco-Art and Herbal Wisdom.




The transition from Winter to Spring – seeds sprout, flowers bloom, life grows. There is renewal, regeneration, rejuvenation – our forest offers up materials for:

shelter building
fire making
ink making

as well as

food to sprout
herbs to harvest
greens to nibble
medicine to make.

In this spirit, the Natureweavers Spring Holiday program will offer up experiences through which our children can sprout, bloom and grow – in, with and from nature.


Children will learn how to identify useful wild weeds both for food and for healing. We will explore the lore of responsible foraging, how to use wild herbs for minor acute injuries and for general wellbeing and sew up a ‘herbal healing heart’ – for happy hearts forevermore.





A tea party with a twist! Under the shade of the big trees of the Natureweavers forest, we shall gather for a tea party. Children will make their own tea from fresh herbs foraged in the garden and water boiled on the fire. We will also plant yummy tea herbs in the permaculture garden for future tea parties and sew up a set of our own teabags – for real and for play.




A Natureweavers Spring Tradition! Seeds, clay and soil combine to make a bomb that sprouts flowers! Children will also construct a large scale bamboo catapult to launch their seed bombs throughout the Natureweavers forest, as well as seed bombs to take home and spread the plant-love at home. Practice your STEM skills whilst contributing to ecosystem diversity!




Build your own survival shelter in the Natureweavers forest. Stick and sapling, bracken and paperbark, then furnished with stools, swings and woven mats. Whittling, knots, cordage and weaving – survival skills for life.




Spring is governed by the element of A I R , thus the season of Birds, Bees and Flying Insects. We will learn the Wilderness Awareness Skills of Bird Language, kick off the Natureweavers BioBlitz for the season – a bioregional study of the creatures of the forest – and make Bug Hotels for the pollinators in our gardens.




Upcycle old books and add wood, paper, rubber and cardboard to construct a flower press. An essential piece of naturalist kit that all children should have! We’ll begin our day with woodwork and papercraft, glueing and sewing, and then complete our day foraging for floral wonders in bloom throughout the Natureweavers forest. Children will also take home botanical charts (also pocket sized!) to accompany their flower press so they can identify their floral finds.


The Whittlers Guild shall also gather at Natureweavers in Spring for those who would like to learn or enhance their skills with blade and wood. The Whittlers Guild sessions are for children aged 8+ only.

Tuesday 19 September from 1 – 3pm

Our Wild Apprentices shall also gather for their Spring session. Spring is the medicine of sap and shoots, of digestion and cleansing. We’ll turn to the bitter herbs, to immersions and decoctions through warn and iced teas, as well as wild sodas and edible flowers.

Thursday 21 September fro 1 – 3 pm.

Spring is such a wonderful opportunity for children to connect to Earth with all their senses, to celebrate it’s abundance, fertility and joy, and to experience these qualities within themselves. The Spring Holiday Program is thus always abundant with games, challenges and creativity.

We welcome all children from age 5-16 years to come and join us for a day or for the whole week!


When: Monday 18 September – Friday 22 September
Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
Who: Children aged 5-16
Cost: $50 per child per session


Whittlers Guild

When: Tuesday 19 September
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Who: Children aged 8+ years
Cost: $50 per child per session


Wild Apprentices

When: Thursday 21 September
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Who: Children aged 8+ years
Cost: $50 per child per session


All programs to be held at Natureweavers, Black Mountain.


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