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Natureweavers seasonal holiday programs are infamous throughout SE Queensland. Allow your children to re-wild on their holidays, experiencing the simple freedom of playing and learning in, with and from nature.

Next Program: Spring

Monday 23 September – Friday 4 October

Bushcraft, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Eco-Art and Herbal Wisdom.


The transition from Winter to Spring – seeds sprout, flowers bloom, life grows. There is renewal, regeneration, rejuvenation. In this spirit, the Natureweavers Spring Holiday program will offer up experiences through which our children can sprout, bloom and grow – in, with and from nature.

Monday 23 September

Children will learn how to identify useful wild weeds both for food and for healing. We will explore the lore of responsible foraging, how to use wild herbs for minor acute injuries and for general wellbeing and sew up a ‘herbal healing heart’ – for happy hearts forevermore. Children will make a ‘Forest Salve’ and a Spring Blooms Massage Oil Immersion to take home.

Tuesday 24 September

A tea party with a twist! Under the shade of our favorite melaleuca tree, we shall gather for a tea party. Children will make their own tea from fresh herbs foraged in the garden in a re-useable tea bag (theirs to take home), pot up their own tea seedlings (theirs to take home) and plant some tea herbs in the permaculture garden for future tea parties. We will also sew up a set of our own felt teabags for imaginative play.

Wednesday 25 September

A Natureweavers Spring Tradition! Seeds, clay and soil combine to make a bomb that sprouts flowers! Children will construct small and large catapaults to launch their seed bombs throughout the Natureweavers forest, as well as seed bombs to take home and spread the plant-love at home. Practice your STEM skills whilst contributing to ecosystem diversity!

Monday 30 September

From wood, paper, rubber and cardboard we shall construct a flower press that fits in your pocket! As essential piece of naturalist kit that all children should have! We’ll begin our day with woodwork and papercraft, glueing and sewing, and then complete our day foraging for floral wonders in bloom throughout the Natureweavers forest. Children will also take home botanical charts (also pocket sized!) to accompany their flower press so they can identify their floral finds. The perfect session for our littlest treasure hunters!

Tuesday 1 October

Want to scale a tree, swing like a monkey and chill like a sloth? Come and learn the knots and skills that can help you to do so! Children will learn the knots for climbing and scaling, make a swing and a hammock from natural materials and learn the art of making cordage from natural fibres.

Wednesday 2 October

Another Natureweavers Spring Tradition! A BioBlitz is a concerted effort to discover and record as many living things as possible in a set location over a limited time period. Children will gather on site at Natureweavers and make their own Field Journal – a lifelong book that allows children to document their discoveries through a combination of art, writing and science. Tuning in to our naturalist senses, we shall then set off for the Natureweavers forest to see, feel, hear, and smell the awe and wonder of the biology of this wildspace. We will capture and document as many species of flora and fauna as we see, both audio-visually and in the children’s own field journals.

Thursday 3 October

“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” E.O. Wilson.

Natureweavers will build a BUG HOTEL of epic proportions, inviting the tiny ones to find shelter and comfort, food and friends upon our land and amongst our food forest. Children will explore the preferred habitats and unique behaviors of the insects around us, consider the design of the hotel in relation to the needs of those inhabitaing it, and exercise their woodworking and tool use skills to make the hotel. Through this hands-on workshop, children will also develop an appreciation of how the health of insects directly affects our own health and explore the concept of ‘beneficial’ and ‘pest’ from a permaculture perspective. As well as contributing to the wellbeing of the fauna of the region, to finish off the day, each child will plant their own native tree on the Natureweavers land, directly contributing to the biodiversity of the flora of the region.

Friday 4 October

Seated around a H U G E mat in the springtime shade, with yarn, fabric, felt, sewing needles, threads, knitting needles, scissors and weaving looms as well as natural treasures in the middle, children will explore their creativity, designing and making whatever they like! Parents who join us for the day will learn how to make your own knitting needles and to knit; how to sew a small pouch for a tiny treasure; and how to weave on rocks, bowls and sticks.


When: Monday 23 September – Friday 4 October (no session Thursday 26 or Friday 27 September)

Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm

Who: Children aged 3-16

Early Bird pricing – booking received by 5pm Friday 6 September 2019 $85 per child
General pricing – booking received after 5pm Friday 6 September 2019 $95 per child


All programs to be held at Natureweavers, Black Mountain

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Places are limited to 10 per day so please book early to secure your place.


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