Seasonal and Sacred

Gatherings to celebrate and connect,

to learn and share,

to exchange and energize.



is Natureweavers’ winter seasonal gathering.

A day to tune in to the sacred rhythm of the earth and be provided with practices to inspire a deeper connection to nature.

In Earth-time, Winter Solstice is a time of beginnings. We shall gather at this time to plant seeds of intention for the year to come, learn the art of primitive fire and explore it’s sacred symbology, brew up some plant-based seasonal medicine to support winter wellness, consider winter plantings in the permaculture garden, and learn the wilderness awareness skills that shall enable us to be a conscious inhabitant of nature, not a tourist.

In the darkness of the longest night, we consciously place the seeds of our intention into the warm embrace of the earth, knowing that seeds must be put into the dark earth in order to send out roots and push up new shoots, to sprout in Spring, bloom in Summer then decay in Autumn. This is the cycle of life – tuning in to and working with this rhythm provides us with a universal guide to living intentionally, sustained by the energy of Earth itself.

The element of the season is Fire. We shall gather, light and tend primitive fires, and utilise fire energy to support our practice.

Perhaps the greatest lesson in working with fire is the ‘spark’ – to spark something new in your life, practice building a fire!

This is the second year of gathering for these  seasonal sessions. The intention is for participants to understand the rhythm of the year and it’s ecological, elemental, medicinal, ceremonial and archetypical associations in such a way that is grounded and real – in true Natureweavers style – and that empowers us to live as connected and conscious earth dwellers.

When: Saturday 18 July 2020
Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain
Time: 10am – 3pm
Cost: $80 each. Energy exchange possible – please contact Carly to arrange.


This program is intended for adults and mature children (aged 14+). If you have children under 14 years that would like to explore the practice of fire and it’s elemental wisdom, the WinterFire holiday program is for them.


Enquiries to Carly
or 0403 133 679