Saturday 5 August

9.30am – 2.30pm


A Celebration of Spring in the week of Imbolc – a time of new beginnings and the first stirrings of Spring. We shall celebrate with a full day of Natureweaving together, where we shall:
~ Notice the Signs of Spring around us – the blossoms showing their petals; the creatures tending newborns; the place of the sun in the sky; how WE feel at this time of the year.
~ Light the last of our WinterFires, put the billy on for tea and make some bread;
~ Then turn our energy to direct action – making SEED BOMBS and creating catapults and/or whittling slingshots to launch them throughout the Natureweavers forest as we offer up Spring flowers to revitalise and regenerate our regional biosphere.
Children will bring home a nature journal, a big batch of seed bombs, the catapult they make and the slingshot they whittle.
This session is for children aged 5+ years. Please note the whittling is only for children aged 8+ years. Younger children will have their slingshot ‘pre-whittled’ for them and will add the finishing touches to it.

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