Professional Development and Mentoring

Carly Garner, Director of Natureweavers, is one of Australia’s most experienced nature pedagogues and a preferred provider of nature play, outdoor learning and bush school training throughout the country.

With over 10 years of experience teaching and learning in, with and from nature, as well as 15 years experience in environmental advocacy, permaculture and sacred ecology, Carly’s knowledge and expertise is comprehensive, holistic and experiential. Educators and teachers call upon her to to get real, get dirty, and get serious about nature play and learning in their services and schools.

Carly can connect with you and your team, either online or in person, at the Natureweavers Forest School site, or your centre.

A full and inspiring 2nd day at our Nature Pedagogy Course with the always inspiring Carly Garner. Learning about Benefit Risk Assessments, Tools, Whittling and Light Cubbies. The day ended with a beautiful night walk and the experience of a big bonfire. Some solitude and silence in the peace of the night were had, before we all ventured home to our cosy beds. Full of love for this beautiful work, and building a community of like-minded practice, principles and philosophy. Looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow!

Sharon Kneen

Director, Eskay Kids, Brisbane

Seed Sessions - Bespoke Professional Development in Nature Pedagogy

This is our most popular session: A whole-of-staff session on your site designed to meet the specific needs of your team in relation to utilisng nature as a pedagogy and a practice.

Pre-session assessment/needs analysis/wish list informs the content of the in-service session. Session includes an introduction to nature pedagogy; practical considerations in your regional context; and a practical ‘seed’ from where to begin immediately.

A ‘Seed’ is a low-prep, low-cost, practical possibility for nature play and learning that can be introduced and implemented with your children immediately. It includes possiblities for extending the Seed Session exploration and links inside the room, in your outdoor area and further beyond into your community and region, and considerations for engaging different kinds of learners. Your team will identify and develop a nature-based interest specific to your service and have the capacity to implement and explore it with the children in your care immediately.

Seed Sessions are designed to break down the barriers to implementing nature pedagogy in early childhood and primary school contexts.

You DO NOT need a purpose built ‘nature play’ space in order to provide opportunities for children

to learn in, with and from nature.

These sessions encourage you and your team to start where you’re at, utilise what you have and interpret the potential of your current space with a nature pedagogy lens.

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Practical Workshops - Skill Up


Hosted on your site, or at Natureweavers in the Noosa Hinterland. Sessions include:

 How to Start a Forest Kinder

 Primitive Fire Skills and Uses

 Tool Use and Safety

 Benefit Risk Assessments

 Elemental STEAM Explorations

 Whittling and Carving

 Seasonal Ecology

 Ecodying and earth arts


 Ropes, Knots and Swings

 Cubbies and Shelter Building

 Foraging and Herbal Wisdom

 Permaculture and Gardening

 Rites of Passage

 The Neuropsychology of Nature

 Organisational Environmental Sustainability

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Incursions and Excursions

Qualified nature pedagogues and forest school leaders;

working on your site or ours;

providing all the resources, content, benefit-risk assessments and parent communications necessary;

developing your staff’s capacity to deliver nature play and learning;

all whilst the children learn and play in nature.

Weekly Bush Kinder Excursions

A 2-hour off-site excursion to a local wildspace or to Natureweavers, led by Carly Garner, with your educators/teachers in attendance, receiving in-context practical bush kinder training.

Weekly Bush Kinder Incursion

A 2-hour on-site incursion as Natureweavers comes to your site to facilitate your bush kinder/forest school session at your service or school.

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One-Off Programs

As an addition to your holiday program, Outdoor Classroom Day, Earth Day or other celebrations throughout the year, Natureweavers can facilitate a one-off session for your service or school. We can visit your site, meet you in a local wildspace, or you can come to Natureweavers.

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Mentoring and Site Visits

Natureweavers is situated in the Noosa Hinterland, 20 minutes from Noosa Main Beach. The site was purpose-purchased for the forest school 2015 and hosts the majority of our programs. It is a balance of deep forest with Grandmother Tree presiding; a working permaculture farm growing food, firewood and fibre; with Land for Wildlife status and a Native Forest Regeneration Site; and a peaceful dam housing turtle and tadpole, all bordered by National Park with resident koalas and the Six Mile Creek rising and falling seasonally throughout. The Natureweavers site is an ideal property from which children can play and learn in wildspace with all the elements on offer – water, wind, fire and earth, and it an ideal site for training your staff and inspiring your own nature play space in your service.

We offer on-site visits and one-on-one mentoring opportunities to inspire the design and development of your own nature play spaces and practices. See first hand how we have set things up; what we have built; how we use the built and natural environment; considerations for environmental sustainability, landscape readability, elemental play and psychosocial health and wellbeing of children; safety and risk management in situ; and learn the actual practicalities of nature play –

Which trees really can handle 10 children climbing at once?

What kind of tools really do work on Australian hardwoods?

How do you keep it together when there’s a snake on the trail?

What do you do about toileting in the forest?

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Online Sessions

Natureweavers online consultancy sessions make high quality nature pedagogy training convenient and affordable for your whole team. Delivered at your convenience, your whole team can participate from the ease of your service – perfect for a monthly staff meeting!

There are two online formats offered – choose the one that best suits your needs:

How To Start A Forest Kinder

One-Hour Session

Q&A Consultation

30-Minute Session

How to Start a Forest Kinder Session is a one hour session, tailored to your needs, requirements and region. It covers basic skills required, site selection, useful gear and resources, benefit-risk assessments, rhythm of the session, seasonal influences, incorporating indigenous perspectives, and environmental sustainability considerations. Learn all you need to know to start playing and learning in, with and from nature with children and families in your community!

Q&A sessions are an opportunity for you to ask questions about nature pedagogy theory and practice, specifically relating to your current circumstances/school/kindergarten/service. A bespoke session, useful for those just starting out on their nature pedagogy journey through to skilled practitioners who would like to deepen their practice.

What a blissful joy to spend the day with Carly and the children at Natureweavers. I was immersed, as much as the children, in experiencing true wonder, gentleness and playfulness together. I loved seeing such abundance of schematic play – those repeated play urges that are so fascinating for children, and for educators to observe and provide for! If only all children could be ‘mentored into nature with knowledge, with respect and with love – of children and of earth’ – as they are at Natureweavers. Thanks Carly for sharing the fabulous work you do!

Andrea Isitt

Director at First Door Early Childhood