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Carly Garner is one of Australia’s most experienced nature pedagogues. With over 9 years of experience playing and learning in, with and from nature, as well as 15 years experience in environmental advocacy, permaculture and sacred ecology, her knowledge and expertise is comprehensive, holistic and experiential.

Carly is thrilled to be able to connect with you online to share knowledge and inspire nature play and learning throughout the world.

Far beyond just chatting about practical skills for outdoor environments, Natureweavers online consultancy sessions invite participants to consider nature pedagogy in it’s entirety – you will be invited to see nature with fresh eyes, to allow story and play to merge with fact and science to enliven learning experiences for children, and to consider yourself as ‘mentors’ rather than ‘teachers’, as you explore the opportunities nature provides for children’s learning.

There are two online formats offered – choose the one that best suits your needs.

How To Start A Forest Kinder

One-Hour Session

Q&A Consultation

30-Minute Session

How to Start a Forest Kinder Session is a one hour session, tailored to your needs, requirements and region. It covers basic skills required, site selection, useful gear and resources, benefit-risk assessments, rhythm of the session, seasonal influences, incorporating indigenous perspectives, and environmental sustainability considerations. Learn all you need to know to start playing and learning in, with and from nature with children and families in your community!

Q&A sessions are an opportunity for you to ask questions about nature pedagogy theory and practice, specifically relating to your current circumstances/school/kindergarten/service. A bespoke session, useful for those just starting out on their nature pedagogy journey through to skilled practitioners who would like to deepen their practice.

What a blissful joy to spend the day with Carly and the children at Natureweavers. I was immersed, as much as the children, in experiencing true wonder, gentleness and playfulness together. I loved seeing such abundance of schematic play – those repeated play urges that are so fascinating for children, and for educators to observe and provide for! If only all children could be ‘mentored into nature with knowledge, with respect and with love – of children and of earth’ – as they are at Natureweavers. Thanks Carly for sharing the fabulous work you do!

Andrea Isitt

Director at First Door Early Childhood