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Wednesday 26 January 2022

Wheel Keepers are deep observers. They observe the life cycles and habits of plants and animals as they respond to the seasons, weather, and climate and capture these happenings in a circular journal – a Phenology Wheel. Single observations of what is happening in the lives of plants and animals made over time begin to tell a compelling story – your story – about the place on our living planet that you call home.
Wheel Keepers are the custodians of the story of their land and the sharers of that story with others. They see and record the unfolding of a seed in the vegetable garden, the smell of the first blossom in the forest, the sparkle in the eye of a hatchling, the arduous work of building of a new ant home, the return of the wallaby family each Spring, the sound of bees foraging and the wildflowers that welcome them, the changing color of the skies throughout the year. Through this observation they come to understand and appreciate the cyclical nature of change, growth, patterns and relationships and can actively participate in this cycle in their own ways.
Wheel Keepers are gently inspired to embrace change through an experiential understanding of ever-changing qualities of nature, and can guide this change in those around them.
In this program, children will make a Phenology Wheel for the year, learn the art of the ‘Sit Spot’ – a place to visit, outside, many times, throughout the year, in all weather and all states of mind – learn wilderness awareness practices of deep observation, and have a tool for an ongoing relationship with nature throughout the year. Children will understand the Wheel of the Year – the wondrous dance between seasons and moons, animals and plants, humans and nature.
Our Summer gathering is a powerful way to start your child’s year – with a foundation for navigating change, growth and development to support them at school, at home, in life.
When: Wednesday January 26, 2022
Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain
Time: 9.30-12.30
Cost: $50/40/30 per child (see booking page for details)
Suitable for children aged 7+
Places are limited
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