Sacred and Seasonal – Autumn Gathering

A day to tune in to the sacred rhythm of the earth and be provided with practices to inspire a deeper connection to nature.

A day to gather together and explore the herbal allies and remedies that can support you and your family throughout the season.

Autumn is EARTH – we turn our attention to the soil that supports all growth, and explore the medium of clay. Autumn is BERRIES, SEED and LEAVES – we make sweet syrup; propagate cuttings; and harvest and prepare for tea, balm and tincture. Autumn is LUNG and LARGE INTESTINE – time to tend the lungs and large intestine with warming foods, bitter tonics and pummeling practices.

This is a gathering of Natureweavers families and friends to learn about seasonal herbalism and permaculture gardening. Each season we focus on a few herbs/wildfoods/medicinals in the garden/forest, making folk medicine with them, learning how to propagate or grow them from seed and where they best grow in a permaculture garden. We learn simple yoga and TCM practices to support your body and mind throughout the season. 

If you can attend on the day to meet the plants, make the remedies, and learn the permie principles, that’s awesome, but if you can’t, you can still order a CSA box (which comes with notes) by clicking through to the booking link and selecting a ‘box only’ ticket instead of a ‘participant and box’ ticket.

Bookings here. 

This is the third year of our four seasonal sessions, celebrating and connecting, learning and loving, energising and exchanging. The Natureweavers Sacred and Seasonal Tribe is growing, and welcomes you to come along! The intention is for participants to understand the rhythm of the year and it’s ecological, elemental, medicinal, ceremonial and archetypical associations in such a way that is grounded and real – in true Natureweavers style – and that empowers us to live as a connected and conscious community


When: Saturday 4 March
Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $80 per person.


Energy exchanges welcome – please contact Carly to discuss

This program is intended for adults and mature children (aged 14+). If you have children under 14 years that would like to explore the practices within this session, please look to our children’s programs here.

Bookings and enquiries to Carly
or 0403 133 679