WildKids – Weekly Earth School

Natureweavers is an award-winning earth-based play and learning community for children and families. Based on the Sunshine Coast, it is Queensland’s longest running ‘forest school’,  led by Carly Garner, a pioneer in Australian nature pedagogy and environmental education.

WildKids is Natureweavers’ weekly ‘earth school’ program for children aged 3-12 years. WildKids spend their whole day outside, exploring our specially selected wildspace in Black Mountain – a perfect balance of diverse forest, peaceful waterholes, abundant wildlife and permaculture food garden.

WildKids knowing of their local land is nourished over time, as they develop connections, experiential understandings, and bushcraft skills as well as experiencing the simple freedom of unstructured, extended periods of time playing in nature.

A gentle rhythm guides the day, with respectful and consultative methodologies utilised, but the specifics are child-led, interest-based, experiential and seasonal. Children are mentored into nature with knowledge, with respect and with love – of children and of earth.

When: Tuesday – Friday (come one day or many!)

Where: Natureweavers, Black Mountain

Who: Children aged 3 – 12 years old

Time: 9.00am – 2.00pm

Cost: $70 per day

Term 1: February 4 – April 5

Term 2: April 23 – June 21

Term 3: July 15 – September 20

Term 4: October 14 – December 13

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