Autumn : : Earth Altar


A Seasonal Nature-Based Guide for Children and Families

Natureweavers Seasonal Guides are designed to inspire and inform your outdoor play and learning throughout the year. Simple, practical and potent enquiries illuminate opportunities for connection to earth, increase your understanding of the power of nature as teacher, and develop your knowledge and confidence to facilitate outdoor learning with your children.

Autumn is the season to celebrate the element of EARTH. The Natureweavers EARTH ALTAR guide navigates you through the theory and practice of creating your own sacred space dedicated to the earth. It includes: elemental associations, cardinal directions, a herbal medicine recipe, permaculture gardening tips, songs and spells, and ideas for extending the concept beyond the task.

Content is inspired by natural cycles, earth wisdom and nature pedagogy.

Urban or wildspaces; forests and oceansides; backyards and fields; this series can be printed and stored in your pocket and carried along on your next adventure, or kept as a downloadable file on the device in your pocket.




Autumn Natureweaving : : Earth Altar
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